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10.12.2023 Sun +1,241,943 $ 465 - $ 2.79K
07.12.2023 Thu +1,800,592 $ 675 - $ 4.05K
30.11.2023 Thu +1,138,211 $ 426 - $ 2.56K
27.11.2023 Mon +1,034,173 $ 387 - $ 2.33K
23.11.2023 Thu +729,810 $ 273 - $ 1.64K
20.11.2023 Mon +1,761,340 $ 660 - $ 3.96K
14.11.2023 Tue +1,137,697 $ 426 - $ 2.56K
11.11.2023 Sat +817,142 $ 306 - $ 1.84K
08.11.2023 Wed +961,961 $ 360 - $ 2.16K
04.11.2023 Sat +916,163 $ 343 - $ 2.06K
01.11.2023 Wed +797,896 $ 299 - $ 1.8K
29.10.2023 Sun +1,182,419 $ 443 - $ 2.66K
25.10.2023 Wed +863,429 $ 323 - $ 1.94K
22.10.2023 Sun +892,794 $ 334 - $ 2.01K

MavinRecords biography

Mavin Records is a Nigerian record label founded by record producer and entrepreneur Michael Collins Ajereh, popularly known as Don Jazzy. Established in 2012, Mavin Records has become one of Africa's leading music labels, representing some of the biggest and most talented artists in the Nigerian music industry. With a focus on producing high-quality music across various genres, Mavin Records has consistently delivered chart-topping hits and has gained a massive following both locally and internationally. The label has helped launch the careers of artists such as Tiwa Savage, Rema, Korede Bello, and Johnny Drille, among others. Mavin Records is known for its unique sound and its ability to adapt to evolving music trends. The label prides itself on nurturing young talent and providing them with the necessary resources and support to excel in the music industry. Through strategic collaborations and partnerships, Mavin Records has been able to expand its reach and impact in the global music market.

MavinRecords controversies

Mavin Records, like any other record label, has faced its fair share of controversies over the years. However, the label has managed to handle these situations with professionalism and resolve. One notable controversy involving Mavin Records was the public feud between Don Jazzy and former label artist D'banj. The dispute, which resulted in the breakup of their successful music duo 'Mo'Hits Records,' attracted significant media attention and speculation. Despite the fallout, both artists have moved on to have successful solo careers. Another controversy surrounding Mavin Records was the departure of prominent artists Tiwa Savage and Reekado Banks. Their exits sparked rumors of internal conflicts within the label, but Mavin Records swiftly addressed these rumors and maintained a positive image. Overall, Mavin Records has managed to navigate through controversies and maintain its position as a respected and influential music label in Africa.

MavinRecords famous quotes

Music is a universal language that speaks to the soul.
Innovation is key to staying relevant in the fast-paced music industry.
At Mavin Records, we believe in nurturing young talent and providing them with the opportunity to shine.
Our artists are the heartbeat of Mavin Records.
We strive for excellence in everything we do.
Music has the power to inspire and change lives.
Mavin Records is more than just a record label; it's a family.
We are committed to pushing boundaries and breaking records.
Collaboration is the key to creating timeless music.
The Mavin Records journey is just beginning.