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PBS NewsHour net worth

$ 881K - $ 5.29M *

PBS NewsHour income

$ 7.61K
last 7 days
Estimated earnings
$ 27K
last 30 days
$ 82.9K
last 90 days

PBS NewsHour is a non-profit news program and does not operate on a commercial basis. As a public broadcasting service, it relies on government funding, grants, and donations from individuals and organizations to finance its operations. The program's primary focus is to provide high-quality and independent journalism to its viewers rather than generating profits. Therefore, discussing net worth in terms of financial value may not be applicable to PBS NewsHour. However, the program's value lies in its contribution to the public discourse and its commitment to delivering reliable news and analysis to its audience.

*Notice: this net worth is estimated based on revenue from YouTube advertisements only. This value does not take into consideration other sources of income.

PBS NewsHour estimated earnings by months

MonthEstimated earnings
November 2023$ 27.6K
October 2023$ 45.5K
July 2023$ 16.5K
June 2023$ 28.5K
May 2023$ 24.6K
April 2023$ 27K
March 2023$ 38.9K
February 2023$ 48.8K
January 2023$ 61.9K
December 2022$ 36.8K
November 2022$ 37.4K
October 2022$ 45.9K
September 2022$ 21.4K
August 2022$ 34.3K
July 2022$ 47.3K
June 2022$ 52.1K
May 2022$ 32.1K
April 2022$ 26.4K
March 2022$ 16.9K
February 2022$ 17.1K
January 2022$ 11.3K
December 2021$ 3.95K

PBS NewsHour Frequently Asked Questions

What is PBS NewsHour?

PBS NewsHour is an American daily evening television news program that is broadcast on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

When was PBS NewsHour launched?

PBS NewsHour was launched in 1975.

What topics does PBS NewsHour cover?

PBS NewsHour covers a wide range of news topics including politics, national and international affairs, science, arts, culture, and more.

What is the mission of PBS NewsHour?

The mission of PBS NewsHour is to provide viewers with reliable and unbiased news coverage through in-depth analysis, thoughtful reporting, and informative discussions.

How is PBS NewsHour funded?

PBS NewsHour is primarily funded through government funding, grants, and donations from individuals and organizations.

Who are the main anchors of PBS NewsHour?

The main anchors of PBS NewsHour include Judy Woodruff, Jeffrey Brown, and Hari Sreenivasan.

Has PBS NewsHour received any awards?

Yes, PBS NewsHour has received several awards and accolades for its journalism excellence.

Is PBS NewsHour available online?

Yes, PBS NewsHour is available online through its official website and various streaming platforms.

How long is an episode of PBS NewsHour?

An episode of PBS NewsHour typically lasts for 60 minutes.

Does PBS NewsHour have international coverage?

Yes, PBS NewsHour provides coverage of international affairs and events.

Is PBS NewsHour affiliated with any political party?

No, PBS NewsHour maintains its commitment to journalistic integrity and impartiality. It is not affiliated with any political party.

Can I support PBS NewsHour financially?

Yes, you can support PBS NewsHour financially through donations or by becoming a member of your local PBS station.